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Tips to Make the Most of the Thanksgiving Celebration

Thanksgiving is a time to be grateful for everything we have received from God throughout the year. It's a time for family reunions, and at the same time creates an opportunity to make great memories with your loved ones. But this great Holiday can also become overwhelming and tricky if we do not realize that we will have a house full of children and teens that we need to include in our plans. Aware of this, we want to give you tips to make the most of the Thanksgiving celebration with your children and teens.

1. Plan a dessert-making day before Thanksgiving Day- Gather all the ingredients and plan to make a few desserts with the children. You can make cookies, cupcakes, or even pie. You can even make sweet potato casserole with them. They will love to brag that they helped make the desserts for the Thanksgiving dinner.

2. Movie Marathon- Take out the popcorn and the DVDs and plan a great movie night with them.

3. Create a Thanksgiving Scrapbook- Gather great pictures from good memories from the year and create a beautiful scrapbook with the children. Then you can pass it on around the table at Thanksgiving dinner.

4. Thanksgiving bulletin board- Decorate a bulletin board and encourage the children and teens to write what they are thankful for.

5. Let them help- Give the kids tasks. They can make the table or help you decorate.

6. Create an area for them- You can reserve some tables with thanksgiving crafts and games for them.

7. Create traditions- You can plan a lunch to give to people in need and show them the joy of giving. Create blessings bags for the homeless.

8. Make a children-friendly menu- Children are picky, so be mindful to include things they'll like.

9. Plan a Reading Break- Choose a good Thanksgiving-related book and do a fun read-along.

10. Play Board Games After Dinner- Start a tradition of playing board games together.

As you can see, your Thanksgiving celebrations do not have to be stressful; you can make the most of the Thanksgiving break and make it fun for the children.

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