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Tips to Help You and Your Teen Have a Less Stressful Finals Week

The Semester is near ending, and we are in one of the most dreaded weeks for your teens, Finals Week. It is one of the most stressful weeks for your teens, and anxiety is already knocking at the door. Aware of how difficult it is to help your teens cope with the stress of Finals, we gather some helpful tips to help you and your teens have a less stressful experience.

1. ENCOURAGEMENT AND SUPPORT- Your teens need to know they can do it. They need to feel safe and prepared. They also need to be reminded that it will be less stressful for them if they study and work hard.

2. KNOW THE EXAM SCHEDULE- It gets easier when we prepare in advance. Knowing the schedule will help you plan and be strategic.

3. MAKE A STUDY PLAN FOR YOUR TEEN- It can be overwhelming for a child to think of studying for 5 or 6 classes, so it would be helpful to have a schedule to follow. It will help them focus and work with their weaker subjects. You can separate an hour a day for studying two subjects and divide it into thirty minutes for each class.

4. AVOID DISTRACTIONS- Create a distraction-free zone so your child can concentrate and be productive. No cellphones and no electronics.

5. BALANCE BETWEEN STUDYING AND RESTING- Resting is also crucial; your child needs the appropriate amount of sleep to be productive. Having poor sleeping patterns can lead to difficulties in retaining information.

6. GOOD AND NUTRITIOUS MEALS- Your teen needs healthy and balanced meals, especially to have a good breakfast before school. Having too much sugar and carbohydrates before an exam can make them lethargic and hinder their ability to concentrate.

7. SET THE RIGHT EXPECTATIONS- Teens get anxious about their grades, and if we, as parents, constantly push them over their limits, it can get ugly. Your child should know that the important thing is to learn and give their best, not to get all A's.

8. ACKNOWLEDGE THEIR FEELINGS- Don't ignore or minimize your child's feelings. Your child's feelings have to be validated. Support them and help them cope with their feelings.

9. ASK THEM HOW YOU CAN HELP- Sometimes, teens do not know how to ask for help and can get embarrassed to ask. You can let them know you are willing to help, that it is okay to ask for help, and that asking for help does not make them weak.

10. Lower the pressure- Try to be more understanding and not demand unreasonable things from them. Be mindful of their needs and cut them some slacks with the chores.

Another great thing you can do is to create encouragement notes and put them in your snack box or backpack. These little details would make a difference, and they will treasure them. Remind them that they do not have to be stressed because they studied. Words like, "You got this," "You can do it," "I'm proud of You," and "You are going to do fine" go a long way. You can be the best encourager at this time, so let's give our Warriors the extra support they need!

We wish all of our VPS Warriors a successful Finals Week!

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