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Riding the Wave of Literacy: How to Forster the Love for Reading at Home

Last week, we celebrated Literacy Week at our North Campus, and it was a total success. But the literacy wave does not have to stop there; we can catch the wave and start encouraging reading at home. By doing so, you'll not just be creating cherished memories centered around the joy of stories. At VPS, we foster a love for reading in our warriors, but we need your help reinforcing that love. Fostering a love for reading at home is a wonderful way to encourage learning, creativity, and critical thinking in children. Here are some ways to create an environment that stimulates reading:


Be an Example:

  • Parents or caregivers who enjoy books can encourage children to develop a positive attitude toward reading as they often model behavior observed at home. 

Create a Reading Space:

  • Dedicate a cozy corner in your home for reading. Make it comfortable with cushions, blankets, and good lighting.

Build a Home Library:

  • It's vital to have a variety of books at home, including picture books, fiction, non-fiction, and age-appropriate magazines. Keep the collection fresh and engaging by regularly updating it.

Read Aloud:

  • Incorporate daily read-aloud sessions, especially before bedtime. This shared activity creates bonding moments and instills a love for storytelling.

Let Them Choose:

  • Allow children to choose books based on their interests, whether it is dinosaurs, space, or superheroes; respecting their preferences makes reading more enjoyable.

Visit the Library:

  • Going to the local library can be a fun family activity. Let children explore the shelves and select books to borrow.

Create a Reading Routine:

  • Creating a consistent reading routine, such as reading a story before bedtime, can help establish a sense of comfort and predictability.

Make Reading Fun:

  • Introduce book-related games and activities, such as acting out scenes, crafting, and dress-up days.

Celebrate Reading Achievements:

  • Acknowledge and celebrate reading milestones, such as completing a challenging book or reaching a certain number of pages. Positive reinforcement encourages continued interest in reading.


Introducing your child to the enchanting world of books is like presenting them with a precious family heirloom that they will cherish forever. It's not just about the captivating stories and colorful illustrations; it's about the emotional connection between the reader and the book. As they delve deeper into the pages, they discover a world of comfort, solace, and limitless imagination that will stay with them forever.


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