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Summer is a time to have fun and relax, but it does not mean it has to be learning-free. With all the technological advancements and all the electronics at hand, we need to be mindful when creating balance in how many hours our kids spend watching television or playing video games and how much they are having fun outside or having learning experiences. Maintaining this balance is doable, but it will require some imagination. With creativity, we can transform fun and exciting experiences into teachable moments and show our children that learning can also be fun. Here are some ways you can promote learning while they have fun:

1. CREATE A JOURNAL -SCRAPBOOK- Give your child a journal and encourage them to take photos and register all the fun things they do daily. It will cultivate their creativity and their writing skills.

2. PUPPET THEATER- Create a puppet theater and encourage your children to write their plays and create their puppets. Then, they can present it to neighbors and family on a neighborhood theater night. It will fuel their creativity and help them with their reading, writing, and speaking skills. It will also help with their confidence.

3. MAKE A BAKING RECIPE - When baking, your ingredients need to be precisely measured. It will help you review measurements and their conversions with your children.

4. VISIT A MUSEUM- A local museum visit can be fun and educational.

5. PLAN A SCAVENGER HUNT- Scavenger hunts can be fun, and you can adapt the tasks to be a learning experience. You can add educational activities throughout the hunt. They can be activities that instruct your children to solve a math or vocabulary exercise to receive the next clue.

6. EDUCATE WITH MOVIES - You can transform a movie night into a teachable moment if you take the time to discuss its meaning with your children and have an open discussion about it.

7. PLANT A VEGETABLE OR FLOWER GARDEN- Planting is an activity that you can transform into a teachable moment because you can discuss how plants grow and what they need to grow healthy.

8. A VISIT TO THE LOCAL LIBRARY- Local libraries have exciting and fun activities for the children during the Summer. A visit to your local library will promote their reading skills.

As you can see, there are many great activities that you can plan with your children, and they won't even notice they are learning as they have fun and enjoy themselves. We hope these suggestions help you and your children have a Summer full of fun and exciting learning experiences.

Let's Keep the learning rolling!


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