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How To Bring More Gratitude To Our Life

It is so easy to get overwhelmed with our worries that we forget to take time to value and appreciate the things we have. We fail to live in thankfulness, and we are constantly yearning for what we do not have instead of treasuring and thanking for the things we have. Aware of the importance of living a life of gratefulness, we will share with you some ways to bring more gratitude into your life.

1. APPRECIATE EVERYTHING- Instead of only appreciating the big things, appreciate the little blessings God gives us every day. We should appreciate the beautiful nature that surrounds us, the music we can enjoy on our way to work, the easy it was to get to school today because of the low traffic, the lessons learned today, the sale at the grocery store, the air we are breathing, among other beautiful blessings God gives us daily. Let's take time to enjoy ourselves and be thankful for every little thing we enjoyed or crossed paths with today.

2. GIVE THANKS EVEN IN THE TRIALS AND CHALLENGES- We should not only thanks the positives. We should thank our moments of trial because they teach us great lessons that will help us be successful. They make us grow and give us strength.

3. PRACTICE THANKFUL PRAYER- Take time to tell God how grateful you are. Thank Him even for things that have not come yet to pass.

4. WRITE THANK YOU NOTES- Create the habit of writing thank you notes at the end of each day, and you can distribute them the next day. You will bless others with this gesture.

5. PAY IT FORWARD- Giving is a great way to be thankful.

6. SAY THANK YOU- Do not wait; say it when you feel it!

Sometimes we think we need protocols or expensive ways to say thank you when in reality is super easy. The key is to practice gratefulness every day. The more you do it, the more it will stick. I invite you to make these changes, and you'll be blessed with a life of thankfulness.

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