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Have you ever tried a pair of shoes that feel so comfortable you do not want to take them off? The same happens in our lives, sometimes, we get super comfy with the place we are at, and we do not want to move. We stop learning, and as a consequence, we stop growing. We stop making an extra effort and get stuck in our comfort zone. There is nothing wrong with being stuck. We all have been there, but the problem is when we get comfortable in the almost, leaving things unfinished or incomplete, immersing ourselves in conformism.

Conformism leads to frustration, and frustration drives us to make mistakes. Another thing that can prolong your stay in your comfort zone is fear. Sometimes we are so afraid of change that we prefer to stay stuck rather than advance. Our attitude towards progress will determine how far we get in life. We will never grow if we keep leaving things halfway.

God does not want us to be stuck. He wants us to thrive.

When we surrender our lives to God and start obeying Him in every area of our lives, we will encounter many situations in which we must step out of our comfort zone to fulfill His will. Fear is pretty common among those called by God. God's calling often demands to do things that go against today's culture, and not everyone is willing to let go. Although this may seem frightening, we can always turn to God and depend on His strength and peace to make it through. God will always equip those that He called.

Uncertainty, fear, worry, and anxiety are often the things that make us stop dreaming. When we let these feelings overpower us, we start thinking that our dream might be impossible. We start feeling our hearts with self-doubt, and we freeze. We prefer not to move and stay in our comfort zone because we do not want to fail or make mistakes. When we are in our comfort zone, we stop walking, depriving ourselves of learning and growing.

Today I invite you to analyze where you are, and if you find out you have been in a zone of comfort, you should start making amends and dare to move out of it. Ask God for strength and take action by walking on faith. You will not be disappointed. His love cast away all fear. He will not let you down!

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