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Don't Let Your Mistakes Ruin Your Day

Have you ever been in such a hurry and so stressed out that you do not realize you put on two different shoes? You arrive at work and then notice that you have put on one blue shoe and one black one. It may seem like a total embarrassment, and maybe it is at first, but is it something that bad? Is it something to ruin your day? The worst thing that can happen is that it becomes a joke for a while, and in the end, you get a good laugh. A good laugh you probably needed anyway because it’s been so long since you enjoyed a good laugh. Sometimes, what you thought would be the worst, propitiates what you needed. 

Think about it! We give so much power to trivial things that we let mistakes and little errors ruin our day completely. We let insignificant things dictate our mood and our feelings. We lose perspective and forget the bigger picture. We forget what is important and focus too much on the negatives than on the positive highlights of our day. If we stop and make a balanced assessment of our day, we will notice more positive moments than negative ones. Yet, why do we focus on the negatives? 

Accepting that our days are a combination of good and bad moments will save us a lot of headaches and heartaches. We must learn that we all can make mistakes and that it is a part of the learning process to get it wrong occasionally. When we make mistakes, we get confronted with the wonderful opportunity to learn from that mistake and do it better next time. When we don't accept that mistakes are part of life, we lose any opportunity for improvement. Instead of getting stuck in an error, we must concentrate all our energy on discovering a viable solution. We need to use our mistakes and failures as a chance to grow. Why be so hard on us when we make mistakes when it is something none of us are exempt from? We must stop being so harsh with ourselves and forget about being perfect because we all are prone to make mistakes. Every time we dwell on our mistakes, it hinders our productivity because we lose time in frustration when we can use that time to our advantage by investing it in our strengths rather than our flaws. 

Whenever we let mistakes ruin our day, we become bitter and grumpy, damaging our relationships and productivity. On the contrary, if we don't let our mistakes and flaws ruin our day by taking a better approach towards them, our interactions with others will be more effective and freer from conflict or tumultuous exchanges., We need to learn how to let it go. Our happiness and well-being will no longer be determined by any setback or mistake if we let go of the things we cannot control. By doing this, we are taking the power back into our hands and regaining control.

I invite you to analyze yourself and see if you are allowing trivial and insignificant things to ruin your day. If you realize you are giving too much power to them, I encourage you to start changing the way you see mistakes and setbacks and start looking at them as an opportunity for learning and doing it better next time. Go easy on yourself; and like a famous song says, "Let it go!" You'll see how freeing it is to do so.  


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