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Be an Agent of Change

Over the past few years, it saddens me to see how people who say they are Christians do not give a good testimony and dedicate themselves to criticizing and gossiping about others in a derogatory way and sometimes even fighting each other in a violent and damaging way to prove their point or vision. All these make me self-analyze, and from there, this question arose: Am I an agent of change or criticism?

What is criticism?

According to the dictionary, criticism is a judgment or insight about something or someone who judges the qualities or defects of something or someone. We can make constructive criticism or destructive criticism. Constructive criticism is the one that proposes new solutions to the problems or flaws exposed in the criticism. On the other hand, destructive criticism attacks a person's identity, only seeks to assign blame, and, in most cases, focuses on the negatives and does not provide solutions. Criticism arises when we have expectations about something or someone, and those expectations are not met at all, or it was met in a way that was not right for us. The problem is that sometimes, we may be correct, but the problem is how we express ourselves and our intentions. I think that most of the time, we do not even stop to think about what we will say. Instead, we say it without filters and reservations.

Unfortunately, we use negative criticism more than positive criticism, and sometimes, by not measuring our words, we end up hurting someone with what we say. It happens because since we were children, we learned to highlight the negative things more than the positive ones, and now that we are adults, it is difficult for us to practice the wise advice of that old saying, "If you don't have anything good to say, silent, you look prettier." We have all been victims or victimizers of criticism at some point. And for the record, most people do not like to be criticized, but they are used to sit back and judge and criticize others. The lesson should be clear: do not do what you don't like someone else to do to you!!! But No! As simple as it may seem, people do the opposite.

What if the next time you feel that uncontrollable desire to criticize something, you stop and analyze what you are about to say, pay close attention, and instead of focusing on the negative, look for something positive to highlight? If you do that, you will become an agent of change. You will foster a positive reaction from the other person and nurture value in the other person instead of contempt and disability. Do you want a change in your work, in your church, in your school, in your home, in your family, and your business? Instead of criticizing, be an agent of change wherever you go. Be the one who praises and highlights the positives and takes the time to teach instead of just criticizing. Be that flame that ignites the fuse of empathy and compassion and infects others until all those little flames together become one great flame. Be light amid the darkness. Be the one that brings out the best in others. The one that inspires others to want to be better. When you want your environment to change, the change must begin in you. Do not demand what you do not have. Do not demand what you are not giving.

It's not time to play. It is time to get involved and commit to doing things right. I accepted the challenge of being an Agent of Change. I invite you to be one, too. If you say you are Christian, let it show!!! Distinguish yourself, be different, and don't let yourself be contaminated. The change begins with you!

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