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Two of the most anticipated times for families are Thanksgiving and Christmas. No matter how old we are, these holidays are a time full of expectations and dreams. It is a time of celebration and family unity, and we start counting the days two months before. But preparing for such important holidays can get a little overwhelming and lead to anxiety, stress, and chaos. According to many Psychological surveys, the holidays can be stressful for many reasons. Things like the pressure of expectations, having different people under one roof, satisfying every taste and like, and lack of finances cause overwhelming feelings. Aware of this, we put together some tips to make this holiday season stress free.

1. Avoid overcommitting yourself- If you overcommit yourself to too many things, you will increase your burdens and stress.

2. Set priorities- Make lists of tasks and develop a plan. Write everything on your calendar so you won't forget. Make sure to include time to rest and recharge batteries. Be wise, realistic, and delegate.

3. Create a budget- create an expenses list and then set a budget for every area. Be mindful of ways to generate funds and ways to save. Be wise and set up an emergency fund for contingencies.

4. Do not aim toward perfection- perfection leads to worry and unwanted pressure. Be kind to yourself and give your best.

5. Hire professional help- If you can afford it, hire a professional to manage the things you cannot do.

6. Stop worrying- Instead of concentrating on the possible negative outcomes, fix your mind on the beauty of it all, and remind yourself that you will never fulfill everyone's expectations. There are always things that are out of your control.

7. Delegate- Every person has talents and abilities, so take advantage of this reality. Do not try to make everything yourself.

8. Prepare in advance- Do not let everything to the last minute. Start buying things as early as two months before.

9. Manage your child's stress and overexcitement by including them in the preparations.

10. Remember, the important thing is not how big the gift is; it is all about how meaningful it is.

We hope that these tips can help you have stress-free holidays. Remember that, in the end, the important thing is to have quality time and make great memories together.

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