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Spring Break is Here, Now What?

Next week our VPS Warriors will be enjoying their Spring Break. They'll have a whole week to rest and have fun with their family. Who does not love to have free time and share quality time with the family? But sometimes, we get a little overwhelmed thinking about what to do with children for so many days under the same roof. Aware of this, we wanted to share some wonderful ideas of what you can do with them during spring break. Here they are:

  • Go to the beach- We have beautiful beaches here in Florida. Spring break presents us with a great opportunity to hit the road and visit them. Your children will be excited to play in the sand, swim and play sports together at the beach.

  • Visit our National Parks- We have great national Parks here and near Saint Augustine. Take time to visit them and enjoy a time of learning and exploration.

  • Make a Road Trip- You can rent an RV or use your car and plan a fun and engaging road trip. Make an itinerary with stops and visit to iconic places during the travel. Your children will love to see and explore new places.

  • Plan backyard Fun Activities- if you have a big backyard, you can plan fun water activities that your children will absolutely love.

  • Plan a Cookout or a Baking Day- Look up recipes that are fun and yummy for your children and make them together.

  • Plan a Movie marathon- Gather lots of snacks, popcorn, and refreshments and plan a fun movie day with them and their friends.

  • Nature Sightseeing- Plan to enjoy nature together. You can plan a picnic outdoors or take pictures of nature.

  • Volunteer- You can look up ways t help the community and involve your children in the process. Show them how serving others is fun and rewarding.

  • Plan a Food Tour- You can coordinate an itinerary to travel to different food places and have fun tasting some yummy treats.

  • Visit Themed Parks- We have a lot of fun and exciting Parks we can visit to create memories together.

  • Plan a Craft Hour Each Day- Make fun crafts with them. Plan ahead of time so you can have all the materials prepared.

  • Plan Reading Time- Encourage your children to engage in a fun and exciting book. You can visit your community’s library and make them choose their favorite books.

As you can see, there are many activities you can do with your children. Remember, the key is to make a good plan and have a plan B for unexpected changes and sudden changes. Be wise with your budget and involve your children in the planning. And whatever you decide to do, remember that the most important thing is to create memories together and have a great time.

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