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A quote that I like by Mary Davis says, "To walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles." I feel more connected to God when I'm enjoying nature. Being around nature is being closer to God's creative side. The changes we see in nature remind us of God's creative power, and it lets us be witnesses of His greatness. Witnessing all the beautiful sights makes us feel closer to Him.

One of the seasons that fill our souls is Autumn. Autumn gifts us beautiful sceneries that fill our hearts with warmth and hope. The beautiful sunsets full of yellow, red, and oranges are a beautiful sight that reminds us how blessed we are to be able to enjoy such beauty. Every time I delight in God's creation, I get reminded that I am beyond blessed because of all the beautiful surroundings God gave us to enjoy. Nature is one of His greatest gifts to us; its beauty and magnificence inspire our creativity, give us peace, and let us connect to His love.

Autumn speaks about renovation and change. Seeing the leaves change color and fall from the trees talks about constant transformation and how we should let go of the old to welcome the new. It teaches us that there is beauty in change, and we should embrace it with grace. It also teaches us to appreciate every moment and enjoy nature’s peace and serenity. We need to realize the importance of nature and how it lets us witness God in action.

Autumn is the symbol of a good harvest, and it reminds us to be grateful for all the things we have. It is time to see the fruit of what we sowed. It is a season to celebrate the reaping and give thanks for all the blessings we obtained. We should treasure this season and make the most of it because we can see God through its beauty. Just look outside your window to see the beautiful product of His work and be reminded of how great He is.

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