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The start of a new school year is near. We are equipping our children with all the supplies and the necessary tools to have a successful academic year. But I ask you, are you equipping them with the emotional tools to overcome their anxieties and worries?

Aware that the first week of school could be a daunting experience for some children, here are some tips to help your child ease back into the new academic year:

  1. Involve your child in the preparations. Take them to go shopping for supplies; making them part of this will help them feel in control.

  2. Create a special place for them to put their school items (Backpacks, lunch boxes, etc.) It will help them feel prepared.

  3. Create a routine. The school will become less stressful if they have established a before and after school routine.

  4. Create a study area. If your child has an area free of distractions to study, it will become less of a hassle.

  5. Remind them they can ask for help. Sometimes children struggle because they are afraid to ask others for help.

  6. Reassure them by uplifting them and by highlighting their strengths.

  7. Allow them to express their feelings and do not minimize them. Let them feel heard and understood.

  8. Set achievable and realistic expectations. Do not push too hard on them.

  9. Do not compare them with their siblings. Each child's learning experience is different, and it may take more time than others for some kids to learn things.

  10. Let them know they can do it and encourage them to be open to new experiences. Teach them to tackle one task at a time and to take time to breathe.

Giving your child the tools, they need to have a successful academic year is a crucial goal for us as parents. We want them to have a new backpack, supplies, uniforms, and all the necessary instruments to complete their school obligations. But we should not forget that we need to reinforce their emotional abilities and promote emotional strength and autonomy. These tools will help them overcome any emotional challenge they may encounter throughout the day.

We are here to help you and your child have a stress-free first day of school, and we have resources to help you and your family. Please do not hesitate to ask for help if it becomes overwhelming.

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