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You Won't Have to Break the Piggy Bank this Summer

The Summer started, and we want to make the most of this wonderful season and create beautiful memories with our kids. We want to enjoy the outdoors and have fun together but do not want to spend lots of money. Aware of this, we have researched different activities you can do with your children without breaking the piggy bank.

  • Visit our National Parks- We have beautiful National Parks here in Fl, and most of them only ask for an affordable parking fee.

  • Go biking- We have many beautiful bike trails here in Fl, where you can enjoy nature and have a great adventure together. A great example is Seminole County’s award-winning recreational trail system, with more than 60 miles of paved and natural trails.

  • Enjoy a beach day- We have so many beautiful beaches here in Fl that you can plan a new beach adventure every weekend.

  • Splash Pads- You can cool off at one of Fl's many cool splash pads. Your children will love to play and have fun in the water.

  • Free outdoor movies- Some parks and places offer free outdoor movies during the Summer. You can also watch movies at Epic Theatres for one dollar. See the calendar at:

  • Visit a Museum- You can have lots of fun in one of our free-entry museums. They have daily activities for the kids and many other perks.

  • Visit your local library- Every county has different programs for children and youth. Visit for schedules and more information about these great activities.

  • Visit Disney's Boardwalk- Experience the timeless charm of this beautiful boardwalk and enjoy the free live entertainment in the evenings.

  • Visit Disney Spring- Full of great stores, culinary surprises, and lively entertainment. Parking and walking around, and exploring are free.

  • Visit Wekiva Island- Admission is free during the week, and the charge is only a dollar or two on the weekends. It's a beautiful oasis you can enjoy.

  • Visit one of our amazing Riverwalks- You can take relaxing walks or enjoy a peaceful evening walking.

  • Visit a Farm- We have great farms here in Fl, and a lot of them offer children-friendly activities during the Summer.

  • Visit a Farmer's Market- You will enjoy the artisans, good food, and lots of handmade goodies at any of our Farmer's Markets.

  • Youth and Teens Ministries- Many youth and teens ministries have amazing activities for teens and youth during the summer and the best thing is that most of them are completely free.

These are only a few samples of all the wonderful activities we can enjoy in our state. Sometimes we have the wrong concept that to have fun, we have to spend lots of money, but no, we can have a great time doing one of these free activities and create beautiful memories without spending lots of money. And remember, take our VPS Warrior on all your adventures, and share your photos with us. Let's have an amazing Summer and create great memories together!

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