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Tips to Keep Your Child Engaged at the End of the School Year

The last month of school is near, and students start getting tired and anxious with all the end school year's tasks. When they hear May is near, they get worried because they know what comes ahead, the dreaded finals. They know the little time they have to improve their grades and finish the school year strong. They also get excited about starting the summer break and lose focus. It is the time of the year your child needs the most help. Aware of how important it is to end the school year strong, here are some tips to help you keep your child engaged during the last month of the school year:

  • Keep the Sleeping Routine. When students are rested, they are more focused and have more memory retention of what they are learning.

  • Plan to have time to Rest and Unwind. They need time to disconnect from their studies so they can be refreshed before more time studying.

  • Maintain a Calendar. Having a calendar with due dates for the different works, assignments, and exams creates a sense of reassurance and lets them be prepared.

  • Create Rewards. If you know they are already tired, use rewards as an incentive for them to work hard and finish strong.

  • Help them prepare for Finals. Do not leave studying for the last week before the exam. Make a schedule to review every subject a little bit every day. Doing it will help them enormously when the week before finals arrive because they will feel prepared and at ease.

  • Get involved in End of Year Activities. When children see their parents actively participating in school activities, they get motivated and more engaged.

  • Let them know how well they are doing it. Keep the praise up! Let them know how proud you are.

  • Take time to hear them and be mindful of their feelings. Children and teens can get anxious at the end of the school year. Take time to listen to them and validate their feelings.

As you can see, the last month of the school year does not have to be dreadful. You can help your child finish strong. If you notice that your child or teen is getting more anxious and it is difficult for you to help them, don't hesitate to ask us for help. We have resources and personnel available to help you and your child succeed.

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