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Getting out of our daily routine during the summer can present us with more time to seek Jesus daily. Even if we work during the summer, the pace is not as hectic as any other season, and that slow pace gives us the blessing of time to enjoy quality family time. That slowdown in our hectic lives does not mean slowing or stopping our spiritual growth. There are great ways we can include Jesus in our plans, and here are a few of them:

  • Stay connected through Worship. There is a lot to discover about Christ through music. Now and then, tune into Christian music that praises and worships our Lord. You'll change the atmosphere with your praise, and you'll be surprised by how much your children learn from the lyrics.

  • Serve others. Give your child the blessing of helping others, and you'll give them a great example of love and empathy. You can volunteer together at a shelter, help to clean the patio of your elderly neighbor, buy things for someone in need, or invite someone for dinner. There are great ways to serve others with love, and you'll be modeling your child Jesus' heart.

  • Pray together. Praying together and thanking God for everything at the end of the day is a great habit you can adopt with your children. It will bless your home abundantly.

  • Live intentionally and put Christ in the center of everything you do. Present your plans to God and ask Him to be in the middle of everything you do. And above all else, submit to God's Will.

  • Invite a friend to your Church activities. Sharing Christ with others is very rewarding. Invite your friend to Youth Group or any other Church activity.

As you enjoy your summer, remember that God is always by your side, He does not go on vacation or take time off. He is always beside us, waiting for us to pursue Him. So, I invite you to seek Him daily and fill your summer plans with Him. With God as the center, all things are better, and you'll enjoy everything more.

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