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"MOM: Her Superpower is Taking on Different Roles Simultaneously."


"Many shoes to fit in, and I just have two feet." Sounds familiar? If you're a Mom, you'll probably experience the tiresome truth of assuming too many roles at a time. I have, and even though it can be overwhelming, it has always been rewarding. Being a Mom is a blessing, and yes, it can be hard sometimes, especially when the kids get sick or hurt, but Moms are resilient and have the strength to adapt to many shoes and show them off flawlessly. Isn't that a great superpower? 

Moms have the blessing of multitasking while maintaining some sanity. Even when it seems too much, Moms have the superpower of making it seem effortless. Unfortunately, sometimes Moms do not get the appreciation they deserve, and their place in the family nucleus is mostly taken for granted. We forget that Moms are human and have needs and feelings just like us. They also have expectations, and sons we should be more aware of them. As a token of our love and appreciation, we must be more mindful of our Mom's needs and feelings. 

Imagine someone contacts you for a job and tells you you'll be baking at their new store. After a while, you realize that you're not only baking; you are buying the ingredients, organizing the kitchen, preparing the goodies for display, decorating, selling, and attending to customers; what would be a normal reaction? You'll probably ask for a raise, right? Moms do not get paid, yet they assume multiple roles simultaneously. We are not only Moms; we are doctors whenever a kid gets hurt, counselors whenever they need encouragement or advice, taxi drivers while we go everywhere with them, cleaners, organizers, a live agenda, cooks, teachers, caregivers, party planners, emotional nurturer, home caretaker, spiritual guide, advocate, storyteller, among many other roles. Yes, some dads are the same, and I commend them for doing it, but let's be honest; they are an exception to the norm. Most dads circumscribe to the role of providers, and although they can help a little with other chores around the house, most of the household responsibilities rely on Mom. Again, I recognize there are dads, like my husband, who help us immensely, but not all Moms have the blessing of having mindful partners who recognize that moms need time for themselves and that sometimes moms need a break. 

Being a Mom is a blessing because we have the blessing of caring for and nurturing a tiny human being and helping them grow and become someone. We have the amazing opportunity to love unconditionally, one of the most gratifying roles we can ever have. But rarely do we celebrate our accomplishments as Moms and praise ourselves for a well-done job. That is something that we should change. We must express to other moms how well they are doing their job. We need to recognize each other more. Let's make lifting Moms a thing. Moms surely need encouragement. It's sad, but most Moms are either burned out or frustrated because they take upon themselves too many roles that do not correspond only to them. Let's be more empathetic, and instead of criticizing, let's help and encourage each other. 

Sons and daughters, let's be more aware of our mother's needs and create the habit of making Mom feel cared for and blessed by us. Let's be grateful for all the tears, sweat, and prayers she shed for us. Let's bless them as they blessed us. Partners, be a helping hand, assume your role as head of the house, and be the best cheerleader and helper your wife could have. There's no better gift than hearing our partner say thank you and praise what we do. Be there for her and acknowledge her work. Just take a moment to think what you would do if she went missing; think of what would happen. She would leave a great hole, right? Please do not take her work for granted and instead treasure it. 

Moms, do not be so hard on yourselves; you are doing a great job! And don't be afraid of sharing your feelings and your needs. They cannot give you what they do not know you need. If you need time alone, ask for it, and need time to rest, ask for it. Don't be afraid to say no to take time for yourself. And whenever you are down and not okay, express it. Please take care of yourself! You cannot give others what you do not have. 

To all our VPS Super Moms: We wish you the best Mother's Day alongside those you love. And remember, you are an amazing Mom and deserve only the best! We honor you and are grateful for you and all you do. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!


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