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Honoring His Legacy

We are always thinking about our life purpose and what legacy we will leave when we leave Earth. It's a taunting thought to every human being to think they would be forgotten. We are constantly looking for ways to have meaningful and memorable lives. We want to make an impact on our lives. As Christians, this is way harder because we want to reciprocate God's love by leaving a Godly legacy. We have a great example to follow in Jesus Christ, but His legacy is so astonishing that it sets a very high bar we would never reach. What He did in a short period was marvelous, and we should be thankful and honor His legacy. This week we celebrate Holy Week. We are commemorating Jesus's life and His extraordinary legacy. As a token of gratitude and love, we should at least live a life that pleases and Glorifies Him. We should acknowledge and honor His legacy every day. How do we honor His legacy?

1. We honor His legacy by serving Him. Our service is the best way to thank Him for all the blessings He has given us.

2. We honor His legacy by surrendering our lives to Him. When we surrender to His ways and His will, we put all our confidence and faith in Him.

3. We honor His legacy by seeking Him every day. When you love someone, you want to be with that person every day, the same with Jesus. He wants us to seek Him and follow Him.

4. We honor His legacy by forgiving others. He forgave us all of our sins; the least we can do is to forgive those who transgressed us.

5. We honor His legacy by reading, learning, treasuring, and living His Word. When we practice His Word, we are being obedient to His will, and our lives are completely transformed by everything we learn.

6. We honor His legacy by sharing the good news with others. Every time we share His life and His teachings with others, we become witnesses of His legacy.

7. We honor His legacy by following His commandments. When we obey Him, we validate everything He did for us.

8. We honor His legacy by having good fruits in our lives. Every good fruit comes from Him, so they are evidence of His legacy in us.

9. We honor His legacy by loving others as He loves us. He is love, so every time we act with love, we honor His sacrifice just because He loved us first.

10. We honor His legacy by living with a thankful heart. Our entire life is not going to be enough for us to be able to repay Him for everything He has done and continues to do for us.

These are only a few of the many ways we can honor Jesus's legacy. He deserves so much more. He deserves that every breath, every act, and everything we do should be for His Glory and Honor. This week, reflect on how your life honors His legacy and make the necessary changes if you have to. It is the perfect time to start living a life that honors, treasures, and praises His legacy.

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