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New Year = New opportunities

We are close to welcoming a new year, and we are starting to get full of expectancy about what may come and anxiousness about the things that are still unknown to us. The proximity to the end of the year makes us reflect on what happened during it and what we can do better in this new year. The new year is the birth of new opportunities, the gift of more time to do it better than the year before. When we see the new year as a gift and a blessing instead of something we take for granted, we would value and appreciate it more. We would take advantage of the new opportunity if we were aware that each day brings blessings and gifts, and each year brings new opportunities into our lives. A new year is a gift from God that we should not waste.

Aware of the importance of making the most of the New Year, here are some changes you can make that will help you have a great New Year:

1. Give a chance to a fresh start in areas you did not thrive in 2022.

2. Set realistic resolutions and achievable goals.

3. Let the past be in the past. As a famous movie says, "Let it Go!"

4. Let go of past resentments, Forgive!

5. Make plans and get prepared.

6. Change bad habits for healthy ones.

7. Forgive yourself for the mistakes you made last year and


8. Admit your mistakes and apologize if you have to.

9. Turn your expectations to a healthy level. Do not be greedy!

Unrealistic expectations can drive you to frustration.

10. Start taking care of yourself.

11. Learn to say NO.

12. The most vital change you can make is to give your

life to God.

13. Seek God every day! Seek him constantly in prayer and


14. Be more empathetic and treat others with respect and


15. Seek peace by avoiding toxic and violent environments.

16. Surround yourself with people that love and support you.

17. Spread kindness. You receive what you give!

18. Feed your knowledge. Read more and look for ways to

learn new things every day!

19. Be more grateful for every blessing.

20. Do not waste money. Save it!

These are only a small sample of many changes you can make to improve your life this New Year. Remember #12 and #13 because these are the best changes you can apply. If you adopt these two, you'll have a better chance of having a good year. Remember, better things are Yet to Come if you walk with God!

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