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This month, we celebrate Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday. For the whole month, our children's minds are on the candy they will receive, the Easter bunny, and the egg hunting. Sadly, the celebration has become less and less spiritual and more commercialized. I remember how solemn the Holy Week was as I grew up; It was full of God's Word, fasting, and reflection. Although celebrating Easter with the kids is not harmful and can bring beautiful memories with them, we must teach them that Easter is not about the Easter Bunny but about Jesus Christ. We must teach them that they need to prepare their hearts for Jesus and reflect on the beautiful sacrifice of Christ and His victory over death.  


Teaching your child the importance of preparing for Holy Week can be meaningful and rewarding. Here are some tips to help you guide them through this spiritual journey:


  1. Explain the Significance: Start by explaining the significance of Holy Week and Easter in simple terms that your child can understand. Discuss the events leading up to Easter, such as Palm Sunday, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday, and why they are important in the Christian faith.

  2. Read Bible Stories: Read age-appropriate Bible stories about Holy Week and Easter events. Use children's Bibles or storybooks that are easy for your child to comprehend, and discuss the lessons and messages conveyed in each story.

  3. Attend Church Services: Take your child to church services during Holy Week, including Palm Sunday services, Maundy Thursday services, Good Friday services, and Easter Sunday services. Participating in these services can help your child experience the significance of these events firsthand.

  4. Engage in Family Activities: Plan family activities that focus on Holy Week and Easter themes. This could include creating Easter crafts, baking Easter treats, or participating in a family Easter egg hunt. Use these activities as opportunities to reinforce the meaning behind the holiday.

  5. Encourage Reflection: Encourage your child to reflect on the meaning of Holy Week and Easter and what it means to them personally. 

  6. Pray Together: Pray together as a family during Holy Week, asking for guidance, strength, and gratitude. Encourage your child to pray for others and to express their thoughts and feelings through prayer.

  7. Serve Others: Teach your child the importance of serving others. Volunteer as a family at a local charity or participate in acts of kindness demonstrating love and compassion toward others.

  8. Celebrate Easter: Celebrate Easter Sunday as a joyful and meaningful day. Attend church services together, participate in Easter traditions, and reflect on the significance of Christ's resurrection.


Teaching children about the significance of Holy Week and Resurrection Sunday cultivates spiritual growth and a deeper relationship with God.


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