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Gifts that Make a Difference

Christmas is the most awaited season for children, and all the frenzy is because of the gifts. They count the days, and their expectancy is high. They may have all the toys in the world, yet they always want more. Parents will go far and beyond to satisfy their children's wishes. Unfortunately, consumerism has spoiled our children in a way that even if they end up playing with things for only a few days and then lose interest, they still want every new toy that comes out. Most of the toys end up in a closet or cubbies. But have you stopped to think about when it is enough? Have you thought of giving them more thoughtful gifts? Children are in a stage in which they need stimulus for their brains, and there are great gift options that can help with that. Newer generations need more social relationships and creative experiences instead of being on an electronic device all the time. So why not give gifts that promote that?

Here are some suggestions for a few gifts that would make a difference in your children's life:

1. Experience Gifts- These gifts help your child build memories. They stick with them and become memorable. Examples:

  • Buy a monthly subscription to art and crafts boxes.

  • Get an annual pass to a Park or a Zoo.

  • A family movie night in a box- put a DVD, a cozy blanket, popcorn, and sweet goodies in a box.

  • Make a basket of crafts and art stuff.

  • Lego boxes.

  • Playdough boxes.

  • A camping trip.

  • A personalized fishing kit.

  • A personalized baking kit.

  • Take them on a trip as a gift.

  • A family photo session.

  • Buy tickets for a play or a concert.

  • A movie theater annual membership.

2. Meaningful Gifts- Give gifts that have a powerful meaning for them and make them feel important and that they matter. Examples:

  • Make a Special Days Coupons Book- Make a colorful book and write a date experience for you and your child to experience together. Write one for each month. You can plan each day full of fun activities like an ice cream night, a movie night, bowling, a spa day, a skating ring, or any other activity your child will love.

  • Create a special music Playlist that you both love.- Select your and your child's best music songs and create your secret special playlist.

  • Visit family members that live far away.- Surprise them with a trip to see family members they haven't seen for a long time.

  • An Illustrated or Study Bible. Give a gift that will keep on giving.

3. Follow the 4 Gift Rule.- With the 4-gift rule, each person gets just four gifts for Christmas:

  • Something they want,

  • Something they need,

  • Something to wear and,

  • Something to read.

Remember, the reason for this season is not on the gifts; it is on receiving Christ in our hearts. You must teach this truth to your children and teach them how to be grateful for whatever they receive. Sadly, sometimes we fail at this because we give them everything without letting them know the sacrifices we make to do so. We also fail to let them know how blessed and privileged they are. Let's be wise with what gifts we give our children this Christmas. Let's give them presents that make a difference in their lives and help them create memories that will last a lifetime.

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