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Conviction in the dictionary is defined as a firmly held belief or opinion. It's the quality of showing that one is deeply convinced of what one believes or says. It is a quality that is connected with the unwavering belief or opinion that an individual holds. When one has a conviction, one tends to defend it at all costs, even when faced with opposition or challenges. In biblical terms, conviction is the product or fruit of an individual's relationship with God. It is not something that occurs suddenly by inspiring a person to stand up for God. Conviction is a consequence of the depth and strength of one's relationship with God. The more intimate and personal an individual's relationship with God is, the more likely they are to experience a deep conviction in their beliefs and actions and tend to defend it at all costs. This definition of conviction prompts introspection and makes us ask ourselves: do we really have conviction in our faith? 


Unfortunately, nowadays, many sell their convictions about God's truth for pleasure, temptation, riches, fear, to obtain personal gain, or just to fit in. Proverbs 23:23 calls believers to “buy truth, and do not sell it; buy wisdom, instruction, and understanding.” Many people say to be walking in truth, but in reality, they're far away from it because they don't want to pay the price. When we have the conviction of sin and the conviction of our faith in God, the enemy will try to deviate us from the path of truth that is Jesus by entertaining us, distracting us, and confusing us. We must hold and protect our convictions and be faithful to God. We should not sell the truth under any circumstance. No matter what others offer us, God's truth is better than anything else, and we must defend and guard it. To succeed in protecting the truth, we must be diligent and strengthen our daily communion with God. We need a relationship with Jesus and His Holy Spirit because we cannot succeed alone. Sin is sin, and we must not entertain it. When we start entertaining sin or condoning it, we inadvertently invite Satan to come to steal, destroy, and kill. We must not give him the satisfaction of letting our guard down because he is waiting for any opportunity to separate us from God. 


Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego are a perfect example of how we should stay true to our beliefs. They were deeply committed to their faith and never compromised their convictions. These three men were put to the ultimate test when they refused to bow down to a golden image, even when threatened with death. They knew their faith in God was more important than anything else and were willing to die for it. Despite the intense pressure, they never compromised their convictions and remained steadfast in their commitment to their beliefs. They serve as a beautiful example that if we stay true to our values and beliefs, God will always reward us.


Today, let's take a moment to reflect on whether we are protecting our beliefs with conviction or compromising them for other things. Let us commit to protecting our faith above all else, even in the face of opposition, and remain steadfast in our loyalty to God.


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