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Where are the Aarons and Hurs of this generation?

We go through processes in which we come to think that God has been slow to answer our prayers. We ask ourselves, why does it take so long? There are times that we have even reached the point of almost surrendering. At that point, an overwhelming feeling of defeat and a deep desire to give up and drop the gloves invades our minds. Nobody likes to wait and less in this society where we have become spoiled for quick and easy ways out. Waiting produces in us certain uncomfortable feelings such as anxiety and fear. By nature, we want to control everything; this makes waiting difficult and fills us with uncertainty and frustration. Sometimes our problems are many and so frequent that they cause us emotional, physical, and sometimes even spiritual exhaustion. At that moment, we lower our hands, neglect ourselves, and in the worst-case scenario, we drop the gloves and lower our guard. Nobody likes to wait. We are so used to a hectic pace of life of immediate consumption that does not allow us to wait patiently for something and has made us less and less willing to wait and more given to impatience and despair. Unfortunately, technological advances have aggravated the situation. We live lives so busy and burdened that our strength is diluted, making life more and more difficult, up to a point in which we let our guard down. On the other hand, the fast pace of our lives is making us less empathetic toward other people's needs, and we only think about ourselves. We forget that God commanded us to love each other, and being empathetic and helpful is part of loving someone.

Sometimes we think that helping others is not worth it; on the contrary, helping others is very rewarding. You can be the answered prayer to another person. There are many things we can do to raise other person hands. You can listen to them, give them words of encouragement, or be by their side. We know that everything works for the best for those who love God. We have to share that news with others so they can also know that our help comes from our Lord and Savior, that he will send people to lift our hands, just like He did with Moses.

Who were Aaron and Hur? Willing men, servers who do not seek prominence. Aaron was the brother of Moses, and Hur, although we do not know much about him, was the husband of Mary, the sister of Moses. They were both unacknowledged heroes, willing to work tirelessly, even if others took the credit. They were not looking for positions or recognition. Like Aaron and Hur, instead of doing things to be recognized and praised, do them from the heart and with the right intentions. Aaron and Hur were people like you and me. These men chosen by God were ordinary human beings; they felt, suffered, and had weaknesses and faults just like us. They also got tired and hungry, and sometimes like us, they wanted to let go of the gloves. Moses also got tired, and he needed the help of these two men. When Moses raised his hands in worship to God and gave Moses His favor, but when he got tired and lowered his arms, Amalek prevailed. It is how Aaron and Hur realized the human reality of Moses, who, although he was a man of God, needed the fidelity of his helpers; they realized that God had called them for that hour and had placed them close to their leader with a purpose. They realized that their leader needed help.

As with Moses, there are times when we need to be helped by others to raise our hands no matter who we are or what position we have. Even leaders also need men and women who can help lift their hands through prayer, intercession, service, or helping in every area (cleaning bathrooms, sweeping, moping). But there are people who, instead of helping their leaders, criticize them and talk behind their back; they are always gossiping and contradicting them. I wonder if that would have happened with Aaron and Hur if they had criticized Moses instead of helping him? They would have been defeated and destroyed. But, thank God for those men and women like Aaron and Hur that are willing to roll up their sleeves and help lift their leader's hands.

God invites us to lift the hands of our neighbors, co-workers, leaders, parents, our children, and everyone who needs it. We must be more receptive to the need of our brothers. Instead of going around thinking selfishly, we have to start looking around us and see who needs a handshake, who needs a word of encouragement, a call, a hug, an ear, a little push, a friendly hand, your guidance, your correction, and who needs to feel heard among other things. We have to be aware of those who need our strength and faith to continue. Lifting the hands of others is a blessing in our lives because it helps us strengthen ourselves. Moses, Aaron, and Hur gave us a great lesson, that prayer and supplication are essential for victory over our enemies. When we raise the hands of our brothers, everything adverse has to flee; it collapses. God honors our faith and works on our behalf. That is when He takes control of the situation, and miracles happen.

Another important aspect is that we need to let others help us. Moses was humble enough to accept the assistance of his companions. What would have happened if Moses had refused help? They would all have fallen, not just Moses but all of Israel. Letting ourselves be comforted when we are down and be supported when we have no strength affects everyone. In Jesus, we are a body, and when one hurts, everyone does. Many times, we are too proud to recognize that we need others. Why are we so stubborn? Why is difficult for us to admit our weaknesses and ask for help? Jesus reminded us, “My grace is sufficient for you because my power is made perfect in your weakness”. If no one knows what you are going through, how will they help you? We should not deny the process because the process and our weaknesses make our testimony more powerful. When we let others raise our arms, we surrender our self-sufficiency; we surrender to God's will.

Today God asks us: Where are the Aarons and Hurs of this generation? Are we willing to accept the challenge? Are we ready to help? To be the blessing that other needs?

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