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The True Meaning of Christmas

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Through the years and due to excessive consumerism, we have lost perspective of the true meaning of Christmas. For many, Christmas is a time to buy and buy; others are just waiting for their gifts. Others spend the Christmas days seeking to escape the worries and the daily troubles with a good vacation. And there are those for whom the Christmas season is torture since it is synonymous with sadness, melancholy, and depression.

I know it is good to receive gifts, to have vacations, and to buy new things, but is that what Christmas is all about? No, we trivialize the celebration with meals, parties, and presents, but do we stop to think about what we are celebrating? I think most people don't take the time to reflect on the true meaning of Christmas. Christmas took greater importance when I decided to surrender my life to God. I know that Jesus was not born on December 25, but it was the date chosen to remember it, and this detail should not be a matter of fight or controversy. Instead of wasting our time with empty allegations, we should celebrate the birth of the one that gifted us with Eternal Life by redeeming us of our faults and sins when we did not deserve it. For me, the importance of this season is in contemplating who Jesus was, His work, His legacy, and the beautiful gift He left us.

For years we have diminished the work of unconditional love that Jesus did for us. We do not give importance to His sacrifice; we take everything for granted. But if you take time to analyze His sacrifice, would you be willing to do the same for the person you love the most? I think your silence says it all.

That is how vital His legacy to the World is. He sacrificed everything for us in a show of true love. John 3; 16 speaks clearly to us of God's purpose: "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son so that everyone who believes in him should not perish but have eternal life." Whenever you start wondering what love is, I invite you to study Jesu's life, and you will find the best example of unconditional love.

Sadly, the time we dedicate to remembering His legacy is very little. Christmas is just a brief time to thank Him for everything He did and does for us, and even so, we waste it on vain things, things empty of meaning. It is during this time that we should thank Him more. It is when we should adore and glorify Him the most because, thanks to Him, we have salvation and eternal life. Thanks to his sacrifice, we are co-heirs of His Glory.

He redeemed us. I thank him because, thanks to Him, we have new names: Redeemed, daughters and sons of God, the apples of His eyes, victorious and virtuous. Today I invite you to reflect on Jesus and celebrate the true meaning of Christmas. Let's celebrate the true miracle of Eternal Life. Let us celebrate His birth, but also celebrate His victory over death because it was precisely that victory reason for which we received the greatest gift of all, SALVATION. So worship Him with all your might. Adore him with your faith and obedience. God bless you greatly and give you the best Christmas of your life!

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