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Suggestions For A Hassle Free First Day Of School

The first day of school is nearer, and it can be a little difficult for some students to adapt. Changes and new beginnings can be overwhelming for our children. As adults, we need to prepare them for this new school year, so they can make the transition free of anxiety and an easier task.

To help you, we have developed some suggestions for a first day of school free of all the hassle.

  1. BE INFORMED- Not knowing things causes anxiety. Be sure to know all the rules, policies, and requirements before the start of the school year. Be aware of the supplies your child needs and the resources you can take advantage of to be ready.

  2. VISIT THE SCHOOL WITH YOUR CHILD- It is important to attend the Open House and let your child interact with his teachers and new friends.

  3. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE DAY BEFORE THE FIRST DAY TO CREATE A ROUTINE- You need to start creating a routine with your child regarding the hours of sleep and when to wake up. During the Summer, children get used to staying up late and sleeping in later. It is why getting used to the school schedule could be tiring for them. You can start preparing them a few weeks before the start of school by moving bedtime earlier and earlier each week.

  4. REASSURE THEM- Do not ignore your child's feelings. Be aware of their emotions and talk to them about their feelings. Give them comfort by reminding them they will be safe and by encouraging them by telling them, they can do it!.

  5. BE AWARE OF THE SIGNS OF ANXIETY- Irregular aches and pains could be a sign of anxiety, also nail or lip biting. If your child suddenly starts complaining about stomach aches only on the weekdays, it could be the way that your child expresses his/her anxiety.

  6. DO NOT COMPLICATE THE DROP OFF- The longer you stay, the more difficult it will be for your child to adapt. Do not stay for too long. Our staff is prepared to address your child's anxieties; they will make your child feel secure and help in the adaptation process.

  7. ENCOURAGE YOUR CHILD TO MAKE NEW FRIENDS- Your child may feel more comfortable with a friend.

  8. MAINTAIN A GOOD COMMUNICATION WITH YOUR CHILD'S TEACHER- It is important to connect and ally with teachers. If parents work with the teachers' everything will run smoothly and easier.

  9. AT THE END OF EACH DAY, TALK WITH YOUR CHILD AND CHECK THE NOTEBOOKS- Let them express how they feel and what happened during the day? It is important that your child feels heard and create a safe environment of confidence.

If you need help in this process, we have resources you and your child can benefit from. Also, if your child is having problems adapting, let us know quickly. We have counseling services available for all our students and parents. We hope these suggestions help your child have a great first day of school. We are happy to see all of you soon!

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