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10 Tips to Make Back to School a Less Stressful Ordeal

Back-to-school time from Christmas Break arrived, and our schedules are starting to get busy again. Our calendars start getting overloaded with school-related errands, our child's assignments, school trips, and activities. Just by thinking about all the roles, we have to assume as soon as school starts again, we start getting overwhelmed and anxious. To help you and your children start the new Semester on the right foot, we will share some tips to alleviate stress.

1. Keep important Dates and Due dates accessible to everyone- Make a calendar and hang it where everyone can see it. You can keep track of chores, assignments, special projects, tests, etc.

2. Stick up to Routines- Get your child accustomed to regular routines (mornings and evenings.) Be consistent and make everyone accountable for their roles in accomplishing them.

3. Plan Ahead- Plan your menus so you won't lose time thinking about what you'll prepare each day.

4. Create a Study Routine- Accustom your children to have effective study habits. Prepare a quiet area free of distractions for this matter.

5. Get involved- Be part of your children's academic journey. Team up with their teachers and be active participants in their learning process.

6. Incentive and recognize your children every time they do good work. Celebrate their accomplishments and improvements.

7. Encourage them daily- Tell them the good things they are doing and reinforce them on those areas they need help with.

8. Take time to listen to your children- Hear their feelings and let them express their happiness and frustrations.

9. Do not put unnecessary pressure on them. Everyone has their own learning pace; keep encouraging them to do better and be patient.

10. Be on the lookout for signs that your child is struggling and if you notice something, ask for help.

Remember, consistency is the key to success. Stick with what is working and work to improve the things that are not working. These are just a few of the many tips you can put into practice. If you need more help, do not hesitate to contact us at the school. We have more resources to help you and your children thrive during the new school semester.

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