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Our school year is off to a great start. We are learning to become word masters to create a better world! We have learned that words truly do have the power to create or destroy and we are disciplining ourselves to choose our words wisely in order to create better outcomes. When students have a good purpose for learning to read, write, and speak better, they put forth a more determined effort. This is showing in their work. 
Parents, please help your students to remember how powerful their words are and challenge them to say things in a way that will produce better results. In addition, please make sure that your student has a time and place to complete homework assignments and to read and study each day. Also, help them to remember to bring their books, assignments and supplies to school each day. This will guarantee better grades and more importantly, better learning.  
We have been practicing writing sensational sentences, which means writing in complete thoughts and avoiding fragments and run-ons. They are strongly urged to pay attention to proper capitalization and punctuation. Students are also encouraged to have someone spell check their work before turning it in. Students are working on using new and more exciting words in their writing also. In addition, we are learning to listen and speak with the goal of gaining and sharing better understanding.  
In our reading, we have learned that we can read a whole lot more than we thought. We are learning about setting, characterization and main conflicts in the books we read and why authors spend so much time developing these elements. Students have had some practice of their own and are learning to be more descriptive in their work.  
We are finishing up our books, “The Wave” and “Song for a Whale” and will be reading “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck in high school and “Searching for Sky” by Jill Cantor in middle school. We will order these books on Friday, September 27, so please send the money as soon as possible.  


Thank-you for all your support. 
Ms. Carla 


Book order will be placed on 

Friday, 9/27/19

Please send the money as soon as possible.  

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